We are very sorry to share some difficult news for us to deliver and possibly for you to hear. Pass It On Sale leadership has been informed by First Baptist that "Due to building capacity, safety concerns and other considerations, a large scale sale is no longer feasible at First Baptist. Ministry to children and families is vital to the church, however. Future ministry and outreach endeavors will be well publicized and all will be welcomed."

We are deeply saddened that we will unable to have this event at First Baptist in the future. We are particularly saddened regarding how it might impact each of you as donors, shoppers, consignors, volunteers, and recipients of donations and bucks. Jenny Fulmer and Vicki along with a core group of key coordinators have investigated options of holding the event at another church or organization but have not been successful in doing so. It has become evident due to these factors that we will not be having any future Pass It On Kidsignment sales unless God opens a door at another location.

We do want to thank First Baptist for the many years of hosting this ministry and most of all to thank you for the time that you and your family have invested in this event. Thank you for the many years of dedication and love that we have all shared. We will miss everyone dearly. It has been a great 22 year run with many people blessed. We sincerely thank you for being a part of our wonderful journey and our prayers are that your family will be blessed in the future.

With Love and Blessings,
Vicki Smith, Jenny Fulmer, & members of the Pass It On Leadership Team

If you have a need or wish to contact someone in Pass it On Leadership -
Vicki Smith 678-859-2365
Jenny Fulmer 803-645-1050

If you want to contact anyone in leadership at First Baptist -
Aiken's First Baptist Church
120 Chesterfield Street North
Aiken, SC 29801